Scattering Ashes at the Sea

cenizas al mar tarragona

Ashes to the Sea Service

Our company makes the scattering ashes at the sea service available. It will also make sure that the process will be an intimate one.

 The departure point will be close to the river’s estuary,where our company is located.  We will sail towards the sea with a Catamaran of 10 meters length and a capacity of 12 persons.We will sail until we reach the minimum of 3 miles from the coast.

Once we get to the destination the ceremony will begin. The ashes will be shattered little by little,or the biodegradable urn will be thrown away. You can throw flower petals into the sea; but you can’t throw wreaths or flowers with sterm.

The departures can take place every single day of the year,in broad daylight,following the daily forecast. In case of postponing it because of the bad weather conditions, the date will be changed.

Anthropologists claim that the incineration and the scattering of the ashes into the sea , containing the personal belongings of the dead person were part of an old tradition with more than 3500 years of antiquity.

 Scattering Ashes- laws and regulations:

  • Let the Maritime Authority know the date and hour of the process.
  • The boat has to be a 6th list one and the permission of the Captain will be necessary.
  • In case you want to throw the urn, it must be a biodegradable one.
  • One is not allowed to throw floral wreaths or flowers with stem into the sea. Flower petals or separated flowers from the stem are the only ones that can be scattered into the sea. And so the rules of the Marpol Convention are obeyed.

Service price € 220