Why would you choose us?

After more than twenty-five years of experience and helped by his family, Adrià Navarro is mainly interested in his clients’ satisfaction. What he enjoys the most is the fact that his clients come back over and over so that they finally turn up into friends. 


Fishing pack+ Accommodation

You can choose between several accommodation options all of them at a five minute car distance and with special group offers.

Tuna Fishing

Delta de l'Ebre is one of the best places in Europe which offers you the possibility to experience the tuna fishing.

Fishing offers

You can practise different types of fishing such as spinning, jigging, tuna fishing, trolling, etc. Fishing equipment and drinks are included in the price.

Who are we?

”Pesca Ebro is a rental boats company, located at 1 km far from the Ebro river mouth. Delta’s uniqueness and charm and also the passion for fishing influenced Enrique Navarro’s life and determined him to create the company in 1980. The Delta de l’Ebre is one of the best places to go fishing, due to the fact that the river carries lots of sediments to the sea. It also has charming and unique places such as Punta del Fangar, Punta de la Banya and, of course, the Ebro river.”

Our passion is to bring unforgettable moments in Delta de l’Ebre to our clients.

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We have several boats you can choose from: starting from the ones with electric engine and getting to the classical ones, all kind of boats are available in order to satisfy your needs.

Additional Information

  • Licence: yes
  •  Engine: HP115
  • Others: sounding line, GPS, bath ladder
  • Places: 6 people
  • Captain: no
  • Length: 6 m

Additional information

  • Licence:  yes
  • Engine: HP150, (extra electric motor 500€ week, 100€ day)
  • Others: sounding line, GPS, radio, bath ladder
  • Places: 8 people
  • Captain: no

Additional information

  • Licence: yes
  • Engine: HP50
  • Others: sounding line, GPS, radio, bath ladder
  • Places: 4 people
  • Captain: no

Additional information

  • Licence : yes
  • Engine : 150hp 4 stroke (Yamaha)
  • Extras: probe,gps ,radio,bath ladder
  • Places: 6 Persons
  • Captain: NO
  • Length : 6 m x 2 m

For further information take a look at our fleet.

“Our large selection of boats allows you to have exactly the type of fishing experience you want“

Photo Gallery

Articulos Revistas

Jornadas de Atún rojo La familia Navarro, con el veterano pescador deportivo Enrique Navarro y su hijo Adrián Navarro al frente, patronean el servicio de chárter de pesca pionero en el Delta del Ebro.

Testimonial #3

Jose Luis Lago - Periodista de pesca

Jara y Sedal – Tras las pajareras del Delta del Ebro El Delta del Ebro es un entorno natural en el que la abundancia de alimento y hábitats tiene como resultado una enorme riqueza natural. Su efecto se percibe incluso en el mar abierto donde abundan bancos de peces y depredadores que se alimentan de

Testimonial #2

Jara y Sedal - Television Española

Enrique Navarro es todo un mito de la pesca embarcada en el Delta del Ebro. Dispone del servicio más veterano, y gran experiencia y sabiduría sobre este denominado “paraíso de la pesca”, que continúa con su hijo Adrián Navarro. En julio de 2010 me desplazo hasta la desembocadura del Ebro, a Riumar.

Testimonial #1

Jose Luis Lago - Periodista de pesca

Rent a Boat

Boat prices

All boats have a standard insurance (ask for each boat in particular) and we provide you with everything you need in order to be safe during your sailing  and fishing experience. 

  • For  2 weeks reservations, 10%  discount
  • For 3 weeks reservations, 12% discount
  • For bookings of 4 weeks onwards, 15% discount


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Low Season

from 2/01 until 14/05/2024 

and from 1/10 until 22/12/2024

High Season

from 15/05 until 30/09/2024

and from 23/12 until 2/01/2025